I Am an Octopus

I Am an Octopus

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I live in a den and hunt my prey with venom. Zoom with me across the sea. I am a common octopus, and I have lots of things to show you!Octopus . The MANTLE is soft and holds most of the octopusa#39; organs. Each of the two EYES can see as well as a humana#39;s. ... invertebratea€”a creature without a backbone mantlea€”the sack-like body found behind the eyes of an octopus molluska€”a soft-bodied creature that usually has a shell oxygena€”a gas in air ... Protecting the Babies While her eggs are developing, a mother octopus doesna#39;t eat.

Title:I Am an Octopus
Author:Lori Mortensen
Publisher:Capstone - 2008-07-01


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