I AM Standing Up

I AM Standing Up

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Maybe you have days when you dona€™t feel so good about yourself... Youa€™re not as tall or thin as youa€™d like, or maybe you dona€™t quite fit in or you just get left out. Well, youa€™ll start to feel a lot better about yourself once you start reading about Luke! Luke Lang calls himself a freak of nature. Hea€™s a grown man who is the height of an average fifth gradera€”but thata€™s not what makes him a freak. Hea€™s also about as wide as the average Sumo wrestler (but sadly, too uncoordinated to actually compete as a Sumo wrestler!). Luke knows what ita€™s like to feel left out or left behind. But hea€™s got a great sense of humor about his lifea€™s misadventures, and hea€™s sharing the hysterical stories with you, in the hopes that youa€™ll feel encourageda€”not just because youa€™re not as freaky as Luke, but because youa€™ll see that God can do extraordinary things through people who are pretty ordinary. While youa€™re reading Lukea€™s embarrassing stories, like the time he got beat up by a girl in Karate class or the time he was fighting for his life at Boy Scout camp, youa€™ll learn a little about Goda€™s love and grace, and youa€™ll be reminded that you were created on purpose, for a purpose.She had made an almost exact replica of the solar system with Styrofoam balls and wire. Ita#39;s like some kind of unwritten science fair rule that someone has to make either a Styrofoam galaxy or a papier-mAcchAc volcano spewing something thatanbsp;...

Title:I AM Standing Up
Author:Luke Lang
Publisher:Zondervan - 2009-05-26


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