I Brag... Some More. Girls, Goddesses, and a Chinese Lady

I Brag... Some More. Girls, Goddesses, and a Chinese Lady

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Author Annie Chau writes about her life in her continuing Brag series. I Brag ...Some More. Girls, Goddesses, and a Chinese Lady is the third book in this series. The earlier books are I Brag. and I Brag ...Again. Dating Through Heartbreak. In taking a detour off my main path of bragging through man-adventures and my quest for love, I wanted to reflect on the women who have significantly affected my life. These important women have taken part in (whether they know it or not) shaping who I am. I am grateful for the life lessons taught by them from when I was just a little girl to my present day adult life. It has been incredibly fulfilling to find the humor in these stories while writing about them, and doing so has helped me heal. Annie pays homage to her pseudo grandmother, who loved her family as if she birthed us herself. She talks about the mothers and moms she's had in her life, and the differences between them. She writes of the teachers who helped build her intellect and nurtured her drive, and the amazing women she chose to be her sisters.As a preteen, I soon figured out ways to do what I wanted without my mother knowing, like asking to go to the store for candy with a neighbor- ... My mom noticed instantly, and I was yelled at for caring about my looks. a€œOnly bad ... I wasjust more careful moving forward and overcompensated by wearing even more makeup.

Title:I Brag... Some More. Girls, Goddesses, and a Chinese Lady
Author:Annie Chau
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency - 2012-01-01


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