I Can Finish College

I Can Finish College

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Your alla€“ina€“one guide to navigating college left and setting yourself up for success! qMarcia Cantarella's advice is not only concrete and practical, it covers situations that may overwhelm and derail students as they attempt to navigate the path to graduation.q a€”Patty Machir, Executive Director, Futures and Options qI am excited about the students who will have the honor and pleasure to read this book. It's like something picked right out of my brain. This is incredible!q a€”Endri Horanalli, Hunter College Graduate College is a time of both great opportunities and great challenges. Regardless of your background, obstacles and adversity are sure to come your way. The key is knowing how to respond, how to navigate the system, and not letting anything get in the way of you reaching your ultimate goal. Wherever you're at in your educational journey, this book has the answers to your most difficult questionsa€”and will answer the most important questions you need to know (and didn't know you had!). Whether you are the first in your family to attend college or come from a long line of graduates, are attending college right after high school or are going back to school later in life while balancing a career, I Can Finish College will take you through all central experiences, mysteries, and relationships that you'll encounter leading up to graduation and beyond.Some readings may be books you will have to buy, or they may be on reserve in the library. Some will be articles you can find on the Web, on reserve, or in a course pack prepared by the instructor specifically for the coursea€”these can usually be bought at the ... The KindleAr (from Amazon), an e book reader, simulates a booktype formatand can hold thousands of volumes; it offers manyfictiontitles.

Title:I Can Finish College
Author:Marcia Y. Cantarella
Publisher:Sourcebooks, Inc. - 2012-08-01


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