I Can Show You The Way Life Goes

I Can Show You The Way Life Goes

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Tillie lives in her own worlda€”a world where life is all play and no work. She hopes that one day she will have the family that she dreams ofa€”a family with a husband and children, a family that lives in a nice house and has a nice car. Now an adult reminiscing on her life, she wonders what happened to her dreamsa€”how her life went so horribly wrong, how she hit rock bottom. In her youth, she had strong beliefs and convictions, with a supportive group of family and friends; somewhere along the way, though, she became lost in a world of drugs and bad choices. As an adult, she struggles to regain her former life and to become part of her family once again. I Can Show You the Way Life Goes follows Tillie through a carefree childhood filled with many blessings, through a downfall in which she believes the devil played a vital rolea€”the kind of realization that can only occur later in life, when one can clearly see what went wrong. As she tries to make sense of everything that has happened in her life, she realizes that ita€™s never too late to turn your life around.Thata#39;s why it is said, and many people do say it, when you think you really found a friend, hold on to them. ... Not to say they couldna#39;t though you meet many different faces in a lifetime and not all faces will tell or give you a true story or can evenanbsp;...

Title:I Can Show You The Way Life Goes
Author:Helena Faye Hill
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06-24


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