I Count

I Count

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Walk This Way! Think your workload keeps you from keeping fit? Think again! If you add walking to your lifestyle, you'll dramatically improve everything from your health and fitness to your emotional, professional, and even financial success. Sue Parks, founder and CEO of Walkstyles, Inc., and Pat Bonavia, Vice President of Corporate Wellness Programs, are America's leading corporate fitness and wellness advisors, helping tens of thousands of Americans get healthier and happier .through walking! Our bodies were designed with walking in mind. All you need is to count your steps daily with the tools and techniques you'll discover in I COUNT! And before you know it, you'll be counting on walking to make the difference for your health your career and even your peace of mind.How can I do the same activity ... and still get in my steps?a€ For example, lots of people love to play golf. Why not get out of the cart and walk the course? Golfers will tell you that you get a much better a€œfeela€ for a course when you walk it.

Title:I Count
Author:Susan Parks and Patricia Bonavia
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12-01


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