I Hate Walt

I Hate Walt

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I Hate Walt! is the inspirational story of Mary Lou Stots, a young woman who works for Walt Pederson. Walt is a modern-day Scrooge who has little respect for women in general and none for her. Even though she is the top salesperson in his business, Walt mocks her and humiliates her any way he can. When Walt dies in a tragic accident, it seems an answer to her prayers. Meanwhile, Mary Lou's boyfriend, Bobby Porter, takes her down a road of confusion and frustration. Mary Lou watches romance blossom with people all around her, while Bobby becomes distant. Jealousy, disappointment, and guilt increase her dissatisfaction with life. Mary Lou returns to God and finds a new church and mentor. She faces her shortcomings and starts to grow spiritually. Will the strength of her newfound faith overcome her hate and anger? As more questions surrounding Walt's death surface, Mary Lou's faith and ability to forgive is put to the test. Will Mary Lou ever find happiness and true love?a€œThis is their largest storage unit, and ita#39;s full, top to bottom. Look ... a€œI brought these because they wear them on Storage Wars, and theya#39;re always glad they have them.a€ Chairs ... Leta#39;s get as much done as we can before the haulers get here.

Title:I Hate Walt
Author:Vicki Andree
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2015-02-19


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