I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What?

I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What?

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In a world steeped with media images of unrealistic bodies and new diet fads, many of those at highest risk for disordered eating don't have access to accurate, straightforward information. This compelling guide to a variety of eating disorders-including anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and other lesser known ones such as pica and anorexia athletica-offers help: both in identifying anxious thoughts or habits about eating and seeking the appropriate, discrete help. A discussion of causes and consequences informs readers that while disordered eating is not their fault, they can-and must-overcome it.contemporary European or American cultures, which tend to idolize thinness. Placing too much emphasis on thinness can have negative consequences for everyone, but especially for teenaged girls. ... Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on diets, diet aids, and gym memberships in the quest to lose weight.

Title:I Have an Eating Disorder. Now What?
Author:Kristi Lew
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2014-12-15


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