I Painted the Light

I Painted the Light

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When I was five years old, I painted the Light. I painted the happy space I went to while being sexually abused by my father. When the abuse would start, two adorable cherubs would appear and take me by the hands. Off we would go into the Light! We would fly about and tumble, laugh and be filled with joy. It was a glorious, fun and safe place to be. The Light saved me. So when I was given the chance to create my first ever painting in kindergarten, I naturally wanted to paint this beautiful, glowing space. I painted the Light! I covered every square inch of my flip chart paper with bright yellow paint. I was so happy to recreate this space and share it with my dad. But my joy was short-lived once I actually unrolled my painting at home and explained my bright yellow space to my father. His violent reaction became one more incident that further buried the memories of the abuse. I tell my story here to help those of you who have also been sexually abused. I went beyond the counseling and cognitive therapies, and found other spiritual and experiential techniques that brought me to a place of peace and wholeness. These practices helped heal my mind, my body and my spirit. I offer my experiences here so that you may apply them to your own healing journey. My goal is to help you see the Light within you, to find the peace within you, as I have finally found in me. May Divine Love be with us on our journey.There are many ways to become aware of your angels and spirit guides. The first way is to talk to them. Theya#39;re already in the room with you waiting to assist. Theya#39; re waiting for you to notice them. Ask them for protection. Ask them for healing.

Title:I Painted the Light
Author:Jeanne Grimes
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2013-05-02


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