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This fall, give your students first-hand experiences involving the 5 senses provide information about apples a€“ texture, smell, taste, appearance, varieties, and products. Our full centered learning activities enhance social skills, co-operation and decision making in small and large groups, the ability to share activities and experiences, as well as academic skills. Within this content the following skills are encouraged: matching and comparing, patterning and sequencing, logical thinking skills, counting and concepts, colour discrimination, eye/hand coordination, copying, listening and following directions, vocabulary and language development, and creativity. Extend your students knowledge through different experiences such as a trip to an apple orchard! Relax and enjoy the extensive variety of activities with your class!Suggestions For Implementation make a duplicate set of the unit choose activities and input lessons which suit the abilities and interests of your children colour, mount, laminate appropriate cards storage; card boxes, tins, small gift bags, shopping bags decorated with an apple motif. Apple wrapping paper can be used as bookcovers, to cover boxes, to find patterns, etc. collect books, pictures fromanbsp;...

Author:Jean McIntyre, Georgina Kucherik
Publisher:Rainbow Horizons Publishing - 2015-01-01


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