I Took the Sex Gods to Thailand

I Took the Sex Gods to Thailand

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This is the true story of a self-confessed sexual zealot who, while satisfying his lust with bar girls in Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand, is compelled by the intensity of his libido to find its deeper meaning through Tantra. Tantra teaches that the fast track to enlightenment and to 'God', is not celibacy as Buddha and Jesus taught, but Maithuna or sacred sex. In Tantra, Go-Go dancers and escorts are avatars of the goddess Shakti and can be used as spiritual rocket fuel. His love of women eventually persuades him to marry a Thai girl that creates an impossible dilemma in his life. He is torn between his love for one woman and his insatiable need for Go-Go dancers, who in Thailand are beautiful, affordable, and abundant. He fears his sex utopia in Thailand is threatened by the Islamic insurgency in the south. Beneath the face of tourist paradise, Thailand is afflicted with divisive political and religious unrest. Thailand is waiting for the new Buddha to return to establish a golden age of peace. But Buddha is not coming back and only the sex gods of Tantra can save Thailand. Only the sex gods can save the world.We dona#39;t have much but anecdotal evidence to support the so-called miracles of gurus. In theory both are capable of levitating or creating the illusion of levitation. If the magician can do it as a trick, so can the guru. The American David Blaineanbsp;...

Title:I Took the Sex Gods to Thailand
Author:Lee Huxley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-07


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