I Was a Potato Oligarch

I Was a Potato Oligarch

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From the bestselling author of It's All Greek to Me! and a traveler who likes to get his hands-as well as his boots-dirty, comes a comedic look at madcap entrepreneurial adventures in Mother Russia. I Was a Potato Oligarch: Travels and Travails in the New Russia is the eye-wateringly funny true story of John Mole's travels and travails in Russia. Sometimes sinister, often hilarious and always entertaining, I Was a Potato Oligarch is a Russian feast-from caviar to samovar! The Soviet Union has disappeared along with nationality, currency, jobs, salaries, pensions and politics. Oligarchs pillage the nation. It looks as if Russia might become a liberal democracy. It also looks as if it might plunge into chaos. These are fascinating times and John Mole wants to be a part of them. But what can he do? An MBA, fifteen years of international banking and a handful of novels have left him with few useful skills. Then, inspiration strikes-British fast food! Nobody is doing baked potatoes in Russia. This is where Mole takes the stage. From breakfast with the mafia to a week in a sanatorium to being mistaken for the victim of a vampire attack, Mole's potato scheme becomes more than a business venture; it turns into a rollicking journey under the skin of the New Russia. qBearing comparison easily with the likes of David Sedaris, Mole's story makes for a wonderful read. q - The Sunday Business Post, May 25, 2008 qMole, a business writer, serial entrepreneur, and professional expat, has put together an account of living in Russia that is both funny and informative. This entertaining read about the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit, even under extremely difficult circumstances, is recommended.q - Library Journal, September 2008 qVery readable and very funnyq - Clarissa Dickson Wright, author of Spilling the Beans qFunny and perceptive, it gives a vivid and sympathetic picture of what Russians are really like, and how they manage to survive and enjoy themselves in their often chaotic country.q - Sir Rodric Braithwaite GCMG, British ambassador to Moscow 1988-1992 qMole writes about his travel adventures in a skilfully engaging and funny manner.q -Good Book Guide qEngaging and frequently laugh-out loud funny.q -Screen Trade magazine.I know which Ia#39;d rather have, but I let it pass. Never contradict a man with a gun. a€œ You have plenty of time to hunt, then.a€ a€œThe gun is my alibi. The only people who are allowed to walk alone are hunters and holy men. I have a simple life.

Title:I Was a Potato Oligarch
Author:John Mole
Publisher:Nicholas Brealey Publishing - 2010-12-15


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