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Every day, thousands of forward-thinking Christians are making a difference in eternity by being relevant to their culture. They've been called qroaring lambs, q those who infiltrate and impact their world with their faith. We call them relevant. I Am Relevant profiles a wide range of people ages 18-34 who in some way break the walls of tradition in fulfilling the Great Commission. You'll find a profile of a famous rock star; flip the page and read about a prize-winning cage fighter, an environmentalist or an MTV staffer. Each is a statement of faith and a testimony of grace. These people are making a difference, and this book shares their stories. In its pages, you'll find inspiration to make your own. Book jacket.Horrell moved to Orlando four years ago, and spends the majority of his time either wakeskating or working with Cassette, making and selling boards, working with wakeskate artists, spending time on videos and the magazine, and trying toanbsp;...

Author:Dan Haseltine, Relevant Books
Publisher:Relevant Media Group - 2002


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