Ian and the Woodins

Ian and the Woodins

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What does an eleven-year-old boy do when he learns of a subterranean world? If he is adventurous and imaginative, he sets out to find it of course; and that is just what Ian Lawrence does. After solving the Portala€™s secret, he enters the strange, but wonderful world of Arboritia. An amusing meeting with a Woodin called Bunkin draws him into an adventure he never expected. He learns of the theft of a special wand tip from a wondrous wand belonging to the unusual Snake Wizard, Snuggly P. Wigglesworth, and the effect this act will have on the Arboritian forest. The boy designs and helps the troubled Woodin community construct a hot air balloon based on Iana€™s class science project. The balloon takes Ian, Bunkin, and a Woodin huntsman, Senic, over Turquoise Lake to Shrouded Mountain. On the mountaina€™s forbidding, fog-covered plateau they encounter many dangerous obstacles among which are fogworms, mire pots, polymorphs, genyxs, and xordions. But their greatest challenge is the Gnobblin thief and rogue, Naggins, who gives the reader a humorous encounter with his own guardsmen; and the frightening creature called Abominus, who stands in the way to Turquoise Lake and home.Plants have wax?a€ a€œGive him a chance to speak, a€ Mr. Hunter said. The Ranger continued, a€œYes, and this one produces a lot of wax on its berries. The early settlers used bayberry wax to make candles. Not only did the candles give them light, anbsp;...

Title:Ian and the Woodins
Author:Stephen Yaeger
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-06-01


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