ICNT: 1 Corinthians

ICNT: 1 Corinthians

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The ICNT series aims to give a well-informed exposition of the meaning of the text and relevant reflections in everyday language for todaya€™s Indian context. The intended audience is the theological seminary or bible college, both students and faculty. However, the commentaries are also suitable for pastors and lay people with an interest in theology. The commentaries are culturally-rooted and the various applications relating to culture, society and religious life will help those involved in cross-cultural evangelism and mission work. There is no direct equivalent of the ICNT and hence this will be the first Indian commentary series serving India, and hopefully the entire subcontinenta€”India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.In th second section Paul answered six major questions that the Corinthians had asked him (7:1a€“16:20). Answer to ... The fourth and concerning topic (12:1-14:40) dealt with spiritual matters: the Spirit-indwelt people an their gifts (ch. ... Lessons. to. the. Married. (7:1a€“7). Whereas all other and concerninga#39; (peri de) constructions clearly specify the subjecta€”Virginsa#39; (7:25), idol food (8:1), Spirit- indwelt (12:1), anbsp;...

Title:ICNT: 1 Corinthians
Author:Andrew B Spurgeon
Publisher:Primalogue Publishing Media Private Limited - 2012-12-01


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