Ideological Bigotry

Ideological Bigotry

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eric (yes, lowercase e) is politically conservative, morally liberal, and a€“ by his own admission a€“ completely off kilter. These quirks have allowed him to pursue his goal of being the worlda€™s preeminent Republican Jewish blogger ( eric has dedicated his life to fighting ideological bigotry a€“ what he defines as a pervasive disdain for conservatives merely because they exist. With this book, eric presents his best columns as a cohesive discussion, ranging from serious to senseless, of why questioning issues such as the legality of gay marriage does not make one a homophobe; wanting to privatize social security does not mean one wishes to see seniors bleeding to death on the streets; and examining whether affirmative action succeeds does not make one a racist. With engaging and often amusing insight, eric illustrates how people can disagree without impugning their humanity. With Ideological Bigotry and his ongoing blog, erica€™s ultimate goal is to make the world a better place. Within these pages, he illuminates that until liberals see conservatives as a noble opposition, they will continue to live in the intellectual, ethical, and political wilderness reserved for those who prefer rage, hatred, and anger to rolling up their sleeves and creating solutions.So why cana#39;t the rest of the world take socialism and make it work the way the NFL has? The answer is that the world does not have an undisputed governing body to enforce regulations and punish cheaters. It is why the Kyoto treaty wentanbsp;...

Title:Ideological Bigotry
Author:eric aka the Tygrrrr Express
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-04-02


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