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In the wake of a deadly disaster, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Kenji Nakamura and English translator Yumi Hata suspect a killer has seized a perfect opportunity to commit the perfect crime. After an earthquake strikes Tokyo on the day of Yumia€™s wedding, her marriage plans are reduced to rubble. But when the dust settles, ita€™s discovered that the reason the priest was late is because he was dead. Detective Kenji Nakamura is assigned to investigate, but although all clues point to one of Japana€™s most idolized pop stars as the prime suspect, he knows thata€™s impossiblea€“a€“the idol and her band were swept away in the tsunami following the quake. Will Yumi and Kenji be able to act in time to catch a killer whoa€™s desperate to protect a secret that will rock the Japanese entertainment industry more powerfully than any earthquake? Like the other books in the intriguing Only in Tokyo mystery series, Idolmaker takes you behind closed doors into corners of Japan where few foreigners dare to go, and introduces you to fascinating characters you wona€™t soon forget. Praise for Nightshade: An Only in Tokyo Mystery a€œ[A] fun fast-paced read that will draw you in right away.a€a€”BookinwithBingo a€œ[W]ell written and fast paced. Lots of red herrings included and not the type you eat! The glimpse we get into life in Tokyo, from the food to the locale and events, make the story differenta€bWho knew that wearing a kimono was not comfortable?a€a€” Praise for Fallen Angel: An Only in Tokyo Mystery a€œIf you are looking for an enjoyable read, a clever little puzzle and an exotic location, you will find much to entertain and inform you in Fallen Angel.a€a€”crimefictionlover.comarrive at their favorite shrine or temple to start the new year right. Smashed up against Kenji, ... New Yeara#39;s bonfire. As they joined the line waiting to make the first prayer of the New Year, Yumia#39;s hand slipped into Kenjia#39;s pocket and found his.

Author:Jonelle Patrick
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-09-17


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