I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You

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When Juliet Porter's mother dies, she leaves Juliet some old letters and a photograph which shatter all her previously-held beliefs. They show that her real father was an American bomber pilot in the second world war, some forty years before, and that he had met her mother while serving in England. Armed only with this photo, Juliet sets out to trace her real father, and eventually finds the airfield where he served. In 1943, Juliet's mother Daisy is in the WAAF and stationed at the airfield which is taken over by the American airmen at a moment's notice. She falls in love with a bomber pilot who is then posted missing, presumed dead; pregnant and grieving, she marries a long-term admirer only to discover, at the end of the war, that her pilot had survived...It was already light by the time Hamilton and his crew took the truck out to their plane, the sun coming up, the sky clear, the temperature ... Engine failure, prop wash from the guy ahead, running out of runway ... Check on him, soon as you can.

Title:I'll Be Seeing You
Author:Margaret Mayhew
Publisher:Random House - 2011-07-31


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