Illusions of Paradox

Illusions of Paradox

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Modern epistemology has run into several paradoxes in its efforts to explain how knowledge acquisition can be both socially based (and thus apparently context-relative) and still able to determine objective facts about the world. In this important book, Richmond Campbell attempts to dispel some of these paradoxes, to show how they are ultimately just qillusions of paradox, q by developing ideas central to two of the most promising currents in epistemology: feminist epistemology and naturalized epistemology. Campbell's aim is to construct a coherent theory of knowing that is feminist and qnaturalized.q Illusions of Paradox will be valuable for students and scholars of epistemology and women's studies.To recap: The upshot is agreement with Longino about the inherently social dimension of justifying theories and agreement ... Knowing, for example, how something works by having a good model of it does not reduce to knowing how to doanbsp;...

Title:Illusions of Paradox
Author:Richmond Campbell
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 1998-01-01


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