I'm 40! I'm Feisty! And there's a gray hair in my WHAT?!?

I'm 40! I'm Feisty! And there's a gray hair in my WHAT?!?

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Ia€™M 40! Ia€™M FEISTY! And therea€™s a GRAY hair in my WHAT? !? (and other surprises after age 25), is a funny book about all the things that seem to drive women insane when it comes to getting older. This book is a collection of humorous stories from many women (and some men!) about the way we view beauty, wrinkles, unannounced facial hair, exercise, gravity and any other thing one could think of that seems to happen as we get closer to age 40 and then beyond. After her last book, GRACIE-ISMS, which kept us in stitches about her Southern roots, Rhayne has taken her sense of humor in a new direction and we have no choice but to follow along and laugh until the very end. Ia€™M 40! is another easy read that pokes fun at everything that we stress about on a daily basis once we pass age 25. Rhayne took our painful perceptions and turned them into warm and silly stories that show us who we are as women and men and how what we think about keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest. Some of the stories will make you wonder why her friends give her so much information knowing that, one day, she will find a way to make a joke out their situation and put it in writing, all at their expense. BUT...Rhaynea€™s stories about herself are just as exposing and just as hilarious. The beauty of her work is that she manages to talk about topics that would make most of us disappear into a floorboard but with no profanity and no shame. This book is obviously geared towards women, or so you think, until you get to the final chapter. Rhayne has somehow convinced a few brave men (sans her husband) to open up about their aging insecurities and let her reveal it to the world. Once you read this jewel (thata€™s what Rhayne calls it), you will understand how much this author loves life, living and the joy of laughter. You will also understand why her friends trust her so much with their most inner secrets, and...you will wish you were one of them.A few years back I made an appointment at a super luxurious spa for a 2 hour massage that would set me back a yeara#39;s salary so I was really anticipating a rubdown that would make my bones turn to dust. Once I arrived ... She told me to stop the exfoliation process she had to a€œshocka€ my pores by wrapping me in frozen sheets. Arggggghhhhh! ... We had our pedicures side by side and the woman who was doing mine was in her mid fifties and clearly not happy with her job. How did Ianbsp;...

Title:I'm 40! I'm Feisty! And there's a gray hair in my WHAT?!?
Author:Rhayne Marcella Thomas
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-11-12


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