I'm a Reluctant Psychic

I'm a Reluctant Psychic

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qWhen I was three years old, I told my mother I had spoken to my grandfather in Heaven. When I was five, I experienced my first premonition of death. When I was ten, I saw the ghosts of my grandparents in my room...And with every incident that happened to me, I usually had two reactions. This is really cool, and this creeps me out beyond belief.q This book was created for all those people out there who, like myself, are reluctant to identify as Psychics, Indigo Children, or Earth Angels, etc. It is for all of us skeptics who roll our eyes and say qFairies? Merpeople? Really?q But deep down inside, it makes sense to us, because we feel we really are Fairies or Merpeople or Indigo Children. So we ask ourselves: qHow do I accept this type of spirituality into my life when it goes against so much of what I've been taught?qSpirit guides, animal or human, are those spirits that have decided to help work with living people to help them along in life. In the time before I met my animal guides, I had seen Hollywooda#39;s versions of hawks circling in the sky, wolvesanbsp;...

Title:I'm a Reluctant Psychic
Author:Larson Rose
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2013-10


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