I'm Retired Now I Get Even

I'm Retired Now I Get Even

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The word perspicacity is not only a favorite of author Dan Kerstein, it is his mantra as well. The simple definition of this word is acute mental awareness-the ability to be constantly aware of one's physical surroundings. Over the course of his life, Kerstein has learned that successful businesses are run by qsurvivalistsq, people who can observe and understand what is going on in the 360-degree circle that surrounds them at any given time. That's perspicacity at its best. Unfortunately, Kerstein has had to deal with a gaggle of fools and know-it-alls throughout his career who have inspired the thoughts in I'm Retired: Now I Get Even on subjects such as the following: Entrepreneurship: The art of hiring and firing oneself on a regular basis Egos and intelligence: The 97% rule The twenty-first century's greatest oxymoron: Customer Service Sex, lies, and brownnosing: AKA, the truth about climbing the corporate ladder There was a long list of people Kerstein did not wish to thank for this book, but that didn't seem quite fair because they provided the cannon fodder that makes up most of the chapters. So instead, he thanks them for being stupid, ignorant, egotistical, maniacal, harmful, fatuous, indifferent, macabre, remorseless, and/or all-around jerks.After exhausting the a#39;real mena#39; line of conversation, they pulled out pictures of their wives, and the excitement level became unbearable. Vulture Ba#39;s was a voluptuous super model who couldna#39;t in a million years compare to Vulture Ca#39;s trophy;anbsp;...

Title:I'm Retired Now I Get Even
Author:Dan Kerstein, Mark Graham
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-08


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