I'm the Other Man in My Own Marriage!

I'm the Other Man in My Own Marriage!

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Not since Erma Bombeck has the humorous side of daily living been given such a stage. qI'm the Other Man in My Own Marriageq is a hilarious look at parents trying to relate to their teenagersw, husbands trying to relate to their wives, and neighbors trying not to upset their peace by relating too much to anyone. Here is where you come to learn how to teach sex ed at the hardware store; how to stage a qbudgetq wedding like that of say, Princess Grace or qLady Di;q or how to choose a good restaurant, where the qHouse Redq is something more than ketchup. Syndicated columnist Howard Noel has drawn from his weekly humor column qThe Front Porchq in order to bring to us this dubious blue print for daily living. His characters are his family, neighbors, and of course the venerable Uncle Merle who stands as a qsignpostq of common sense and wry wit. If what you read in this book has not happened to you -- you'll wish it had.... ..1 Parents Are the Last People Who Should Have Children .................. ..4 Cinnamon Rolls Should Be a Separate Food Group .......................... ..7 A Good Neighbor Lets His Grass Grow As Long As Yours .............. ..10 Youa#39;re Not Getting Older.

Title:I'm the Other Man in My Own Marriage!
Author:Howard Noel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-12-01


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