I'm Working On That

I'm Working On That

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Over five decades, Star Trek's celebration of mankind's technical achievements and positive view of the future have earned it an enduring place in our global culture. Its scientific vision has also had a profound effect on the past thirty years of technological breakthroughs. Join William Shatner, the original captain of the Starship Enterprise, as he reveals how Star Trek has influenced and inspired some of our greatest scientific minds -- the people behind the future we will all share. In interviews with dozens of scientists we learn about the inventions that will revolutionise our lives and the discoveries that will make it truly possible to explore the last great frontier -- space. As one Nobel Laureate commented on being shown a wood and plastic model of the engine core from a Star Trek: The Next Generation starship: qI'm working on that.q From the technicalities of warp speed to real-life replicators to the likelihood of our being able to beam across continents, this always-informative book takes us on a fascinating and eye-opening voyage to the realms of the possible and probable.Tiny, invisible switches would be flipped without the benefit of any manual labor, electrons would flow, and, like God, ... Instead it carped at me in a hideous, high- pitched, thoroughly mechanical voice that would make Robby the Robot cringe.

Title:I'm Working On That
Author:William Shatner
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2012-10-09


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