Immigrant entrepreneurs

Immigrant entrepreneurs

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No large city is complete without a bustling array of culturally diverse businesses. Immigrant entrepreneurship rose dramatically in the last decade of the twentieth century and has, inevitably, had a huge impact on urban life. Not only has immigrant business revitalized derelict shopping streets, but it has also introduced 'exotic' products and fostered new forms of social cohesion. In spite of this, we rarely consider how migrants made the trek abroad, what role they play in their countryof settlement, and what effect they have on the global economic climate. Through a comparative study of international 'advanced economies', this book explores the impact of immigrant business. It draws on in-depth case studies from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the United States and South Africa. Paying specific attention to the particularities of each country, it provides an up-to-date review of theoretical debates that have developed rapidly in recent years. How important is the institutional framework of each country in determining the extent and incidence of immigrant entrepreneurship? What role do welfare systems play in immigration and how do they compare and contrast in different countries? In what ways do immigrants use their own resources, make use of existing ones, and create new ones? Immigrant Entrepreneursprovides a comprehensive, cross-cultural overview of immigrant business in a diverse global economy. Sophisticated in its analysis and innovative in its approach, this timely book is a benchmark publication.In the smash-repair industry many entrepreneurs were born in Italy, the United Kingdom ... By the mid-1980s, Chinese restaurants and cafes were a feature of the Australian suburban and country town landscape (Chin 1988) and most suburbsanbsp;...

Title:Immigrant entrepreneurs
Author:Robert Kloosterman, Jan Rath
Publisher:Berg Publishers - 2003


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