Impact of a Citizenship Program on Middle School Students

Impact of a Citizenship Program on Middle School Students

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The focus on behaviour became an important feat to accomplish. The query was based on the disruptive methods students would use in order to circumvent basic rules and regulations within their learning communities. The old standard rule of teacher being in a€œcharge of the classrooma€ with a mixture of a fear factor, (secretly diagnosed as respect) no longer was evident. President Busha€™s introduction of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandates was brilliant with ist idea of inclusivity, but near eliminated accountability for those able students. Teachers became the main target group of this experiment in the promotion of all students. They became, scapegoats, if you will, of a system that made them accountable, and left those who should have been accountable in meeting educational objectives: administration, and more so, the student. Teachers became overwhelmed with teaching objectives and a multitude of paperwork to facilitate this new structure of responsibility. Actual teaching was foregone under the weight of segmenting students into their proper groups, then find the time to discipline and ensure that all pass the required end-of-year examinations. The result of these initiatives was to the repeal of NCLB, and schools becoming big business, with the teacher benefiting less under a continual weight of professional servitude, and the standard--no voice.Retrieved from nonresponse-bias.htm Stearns, E ., Dodge, K., aamp; Nicholson, M. (2008). Peer contextual influences on the growth of authority-acceptance problems in early elementary school. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 54, ... Sugai, G., aamp; Horner, R. R. (2006). A promising ... and supports in South Dakota: A study on effective intervention (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved fromanbsp;...

Title:Impact of a Citizenship Program on Middle School Students
Author:Jeanette Alcock Mughal
Publisher:Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag) - 2015-02


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