Important Guide: Moving to London

Important Guide: Moving to London

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This book is a survivor kit to help you settle down in London as soon as possible after arrival, with as little cost as possible.It will give you important and systematic information on moving to London. After reading this book you can better prepare and plan for moving to London. Better planning means saving your money as much as you can. Information in the book includes: -Useful information you need to know before moving to London-Very important things you must do on the first day you arrive in London-How to get a UK proof of address as soon as possible. It is vital to get this immediately because without it you cannot get to see a National Health Services (NHS) doctor for free, you cannot apply for postpaid mobile line service and you cannot open a bank account in certain banks in the UK-An important and useful guide on renting a room, house or flat in London -How to apply for National Insurance (NI) and how get the NI number as soon as possible and etcThe tube map can help you to decide which zone and area you want to live in. Most people ... Do you want to stay near an area of the city that has amenities nearby? ... Or an area which is further from central London where the rent is cheaper?

Title:Important Guide: Moving to London
Author:Chris Chin - 2008-09-02


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