Improving the legal framework of wildlife resources in Cameroon

Improving the legal framework of wildlife resources in Cameroon

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In the African rainforest zone, wildlife can provide up to 70 % of animal protein to the population and is used for various cultural reasons (e.g. tastes, food habits, rituals and prestige). Cameroonians have become famous for their attachment to the consumption of game meat. Moreover, the availability of wildlife maintains a variety of public services, forming the basis of substantial numbers of public and informal jobs in the branches of transport and trade. But this natural and cultural heritage is severely threatened by the intensification of illegal activities, including the destruction of habitats and poaching. This book questions the current legal framework of wildlife resources management in Cameroon, asks whether the countrya€™s legislation could be improved towards a sustainable exploitation of wildlife resources and makes concrete suggestions for a possible reform.II The lasting problem of logistics In its annual report of activities, for the year 2005, the Divisional Delegation of forestry ... in 2005 Design Matriculation NAd Source Destination State in 2005 Toyota pick-up Hilux CA 7970 B EX- MINEF DD Wornanbsp;...

Title:Improving the legal framework of wildlife resources in Cameroon
Author:Ngoufo, Roger, Tsague D., Hubert, Waltert, Matthias
Publisher:Universitätsverlag Göttingen - 2014-04-01


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