In a Time of War

In a Time of War

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The dramatic story of West Pointa€™s class of 2002, the first in a generation to graduate during wartime They came to West Point in a time of peace, but soon after the start of their senior year, their lives were transformed by September 11. The following June, when President George W. Bush spoke at their commencement and declared that America would a€œtake the battle to the enemy, a€ the men and women in the class of 2002 understood that they would be fighting on the front lines. In this stirring account of the five years following their graduation from West Point, the class experiences firsthand both the rewards and the costs of leading soldiers in the war on terror. In a Time of War focuses on two members of the class of 2002 in particular: Todd Bryant, an amiable, funny Californian for whom military service was a family tradition; and Drew Sloan, the hardworking son of liberal parents from Arkansas who is determined to serve his country. On the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, Todd, Drew, and their classmatesa€”the armya€™s newest and youngest officersa€”lead their troops into harma€™s way again and again. Meticulously reported, sweeping in scope, Bill Murphy Jr.a€™s powerful book follows these brave and idealistic officersa€”and their familiesa€”as they experience the harrowing reality of the modern battlefield. In a Time of War tells a vivid and sometimes heartbreaking story about courage, honor, and what war really means to the soldiers whose lives it defines.Not to take anything away from UH-60 Black Hawks, Apache pilots would say, but those were just glorified airborne buses, transporting people ... To those who did not know him well, Tim didna#39;t seem like the prototypical cocky Apache pilot, but Katie understood right away ... Tim appeared to have little in common with her, but he understood what it was like to be an outsider and to IN A TIME OF WAR * 91.

Title:In a Time of War
Author:Bill Murphy, Jr.
Publisher:Macmillan - 2008-09-16


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