In Colonial America

In Colonial America

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If you grew up in colonial America, making your bed would mean more than just tucking in the sheets and pulling up the spread. You'd have to gather hay to stuff a straw-tick mattress and pluck a goose for a cozy down quilt. Colonial kids whittled pegs, spun thread, churned butter, and even cooked up their own soap in big iron kettles. Between chores, they learned the alphabet from hornbooks they wore around their necks. Yet no matter how hard they worked, they still had time for a game of blindman's bluff or king of the hill. How did they do all this? Maybe they took a tip from the mysterious Poor Richard, who said, qHave you something to do tomorrow? Do it today.q Meet Hopewell of Bayberry Cove and many other children of the American colonies. (And find out who Poor Richard really was!)A mixture of lye, fat, and salt. If that doesna#39;t sound very effective, consider this: You use the same thing. Ita#39;s called soap. Lye is a liquid solution made by pouring water over wood ashes. It is highly caustic, which means it burns if you touch oranbsp;...

Title:In Colonial America
Author:Patrice Sherman
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2010-12-23


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