In Defence of France

In Defence of France

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DEFENSE DU PATS BY EDOUARD DALADIER PREMIER OF FRANCE DOUBLEDAY, DORAN COMPANY, INC. New York 1939 CL COPYRIGHT, 1939 BY E00UARD DALADIER ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FIRST EDITION 995736 TO AMERICA WHEN i REVISIT the district where I was born and renew my acquaintances among the peasants of my homeland, those simple men who, twenty years ago, saved France in the trenches o-f Verdun and the Argonne, and who, throughout the decades, have assured the greatness of our - fatherland by their patient and tenacious efforts, I often hear them say How unfortunate it is not to be able to establish un derstanding with the whole world At least, though, there is the consolation that there are peoples we can always understand, the Americans - for example. They ask nothing but to live and to work in peace. Theyre like us Thus, in spite of the thousands of kilometers which separate us, in spite of all the differences of language, of race and of customs, the humblest people of France hold to Franco-American friendship as a certainty. For them it is founded on the fact that both French and Americans speak the language of liberty and justice. v To America Like every other Frenchman, I am certain that France 7id the United States of America are two nations which ought always to be able to understand one another. They have the same ideal they have the same desire to assure the dignity of the human being in peace and in labor. It is, then, unnecessary to preface the translation of the principal speeches 1 have made during a year as Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic since April i S- with a series of explanations and commen taries. In spite of conditions peculiar to Europe, so differ ent from conditionson the American continent, I hold firmly to the belief that every free citizen of the United States will know how to find beneath these words of a Frenchman the spirit of a people which wishes to base peace upon justice and to insure its life and its inde pendence in labor and in honor. The presentation in one volume of these speeches is only intended to enable the reader to follow, in its methodical development, the will behind the actions of my government. This will is entirely dedicated to the defense of our country, the peace of the world, and the safeguarding of liberty. Through serious difficulties, ceaselessly recurring, it has always aimed at the same goal. Tomorrow, as yesterday, it will endeavor to overcome vi To America the dangers that threaten us and to secure with the safety of France, the safety of liberty and of the dignity of the individual. These pages ought not, therefore, to be considered solely as a historical document relating to a period in the past. The obstacles we have already had to clear may be only the forerunners of still more serious difficulties. The action of yesterday can be of value only if it prepares and strengthens the action of tomorrow. At the moment, the f writing of the history of events whose consequences are yet far from exhausted is a matter of little importance. Our fate is still in our hands and depends on our de termination. What is important is to keep this determina tion intact and ever watchful. I hope that these few pages will help the reader not only to get a sense of the value of yesterdays events but also to strengthen him for tomorrows encounters. EDOUARD DALADIER vii CONTENTS Foreword To America ........ v A Profile, by YvonLapaquellerie ..... 3 Ministerial Statement, April 13, 1938 .... 41 Stability of the Franc Speech broadcast May 4, 1938 ............ 47 THE CALL TO WORK The Forty-Hour La w Speech broadcast August 5 An Appeal to the Common Sense of the French People Speech broadcast November 27, 1938 62 Failure of the General Strike Speech broadcast November 30, 1938 ........ 67 Appeasement Statement to the press, March 23, 1939 ..............EDOUARD DALADIER vii CONTENTS Foreword To America ........ v A Profile, by YvonLapaquellerie ..... 3 Ministerial Statement, April 13, 1938 .... 41 Stability of the Franc Speech broadcast May 4, 1938 ............ 47 THE CALL TO WORK The ...

Title:In Defence of France
Author:Édouard Daladier
Publisher:Bryant Pr - 2007-03-31


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