In Defense of Paradise

In Defense of Paradise

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A powerful rogue faction, the Shadows of Fire, has infiltrated the Chinese military with the intent of taking over leadership of China and making it the supreme global superpower. In a bold move the faction leader, Colonel Kim, decides to take on the United States. He devises a plan to assassinate the Chinese President as he is on his way to visit the U.S. President in Washington DC. The assassination will set the stage for the faction to move forward with their plan of a Pearl Harbor style attack on Hawaii and to draw the U.S. into war -- a war they are confident they will win.1992: With the outcome of the military crackdown, Chinaa#39;s Communist leaders are overwhelmed with the growing number of ... 1997: As the factiona#39;s strength rapidly increases, several key cities, including the capital Beijing, Tianjin, andanbsp;...

Title:In Defense of Paradise
Author:Keoki Dahl
Publisher:Keoki Dahl - 2009-01-15


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