In My Shoes

In My Shoes

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When Tamara Mellona€™s father lent her the seed money to start a high-end shoe company, he cautioned her: a€œDona€™t let the accountants run your business.a€ Little did he know. Over the next fifteen years, the struggle between a€œfinanciala€ and a€œcreativea€ would become one of the central themes as Mellona€™s business savvy, creative eye, and flair for design built Jimmy Choo into a premier name in the competitive fashion industry. Over time, Mellon grew Jimmy Choo into a billion dollar brand. She became the British prime ministera€™s trade envoy and was honored by the Queen with the Order of the British Empirea€”yet ita€™s her personal glamour that keeps her an object of global media fascination. Vogue photographed her wedding. Vanity Fair covered her divorce and the criminal trial that followed. Harpera€™s Bazaar toured her London town house and her New York mansion, right down to the closets. And the Wall Street Journal hinted at the real red meat: the three private equity deals, the relentless battle between a€œthe suitsa€ and a€œthe creatives, a€ and Mellona€™s triumph against a brutally hostile takeover attempt. But despite her eventual fame and fortune, Mellon didna€™t have an easy road to success. Her seemingly glamorous beginnings in the mansions of London and Beverly Hills were marked by a tumultuous and broken family life, battles with anxiety and depression, and a stint in rehab. Determined not to end up unemployed, penniless, and living in her parentsa€™ basement under the control of her alcoholic mother, Mellon honed her natural business sense and invested in what she knew besta€”fashion. In creating the shoes that became a fixture on Sex and the City and red carpets around the world, Mellon relied on her own impeccable sense of what the customer wanteda€”because she was that customer. What she didna€™t know at the time was that success would come at a high pricea€”after struggles with an obstinate business partner, a conniving first CEO, a turbulent marriage, and a mother who tried to steal her hard-earned wealth. Now Mellon shares the whole larger-than-life story, with shocking details that have never been presented before. From her troubled childhood to her time as a young editor at Vogue to her partnership with cobbler Jimmy Choo to her very public relationships, Mellon offers an honest and gripping account of the episodes that have made her who she is today. As Mellon readies herself for her next entrepreneurial venture, In My Shoes is a definitive book for fashion aficionados, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who loves a juicy true story about sex, drugs, money, power, high heels, and overcoming adversity.Matthew were out the Carlos Sousa, andI at Oscars when I ran into head of PR worldwide for Valentino. ... My salary from Jimmy Choo was still not much beyond Ap15, 000 a year, which just happened to bethe cost of a couture dress from Valentino. ... so whenwegot backto London Isetup anappointment and booked a ticket to Rome, whereupon Valentino himself did threesketches forme to choose from.

Title:In My Shoes
Author:Tamara Mellon
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-10-01


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