In pursuit of that elusive progeny

In pursuit of that elusive progeny

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Compassion and empathy make human life endearing and worthy to live. The short stories in this book nudge the reader to empathize with the ordinary yet inspirational characters as they go through unfathomable struggles in their mediocre lives. Be it a young Shruti who relentlessly pursues her elusive motherhood, an old Ranjidham who has lived all her life waiting for something or somebody or Adityaa€™s mother who finally leta€™s go and embraces detachment, this book celebrates the dignity and courage of a motley of characters in the face of adversity.a€œI thought you were coming tomorrow, you always take me by surprise, come sit down allof you, a€ Sarala as ... She had justabout finished spooning clarified butter to the sambar and rice mixture, all except Sanjay attacked their plates and ateanbsp;...

Title:In pursuit of that elusive progeny
Author:Merlin Mythili
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-01-31


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