In Quest of the Universe

In Quest of the Universe

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Every new copy of In Quest of the Universe, Seventh Edition print textbook includes access to the Companion WebsiteDesigned for the nonscience major, In Quest of the Universe, Seventh Edition provides a comprehensive, accessible introduction to astronomy, while taking students on an exciting trek through our solar system and beyond. Updated throughout with the latest findings in this fast-paced field, the author unfolds historical and contemporary theories in astronomy to provide a clear account of how the science works. His student-friendly writing style and clear explanations acquaint students with our own solar system before moving on to the stars and distant galaxies. New Comparative Planetology boxes and data table throughout the text examine the similarities and differences in the geology, evolution, and atmospheres of all the planets in our solar system. This rich pedagogy further engages students and motivates them to think critically and develop basic reasoning skills in their studies.New and Key Features of the Seventh Edition:-Updated throughout with the latest discoveries in the field, with new and expanded content found in each chapter.-Added critical thinking and problem solving exercises can be found at the end of each chapter.-New boxes and data tables throughout examine the similarities and differences in the geology, evolution, and atmospheres of all planets in our solar system.-To increase understanding and clarity, sample calculations have been added to mathematical sections-Instructor's materials include PowerPoint Lecture Slides, PowerPoint Image Bank, Test Bank, Instructor's Manual, animations, and more.-The companion Web site, Starlinks, is included with every new copy of the text and includes study quizzes, Exploration Web links, animated flashcards, an online glossary, chapter outlines, a calendar of upcoming astronomical events, a guide to the constellations, and a new math review/tutor.The existence of the CMB and the dependence of its temperature on redshift also show that the universe evolved from a hot and ... Additional evidence that supports the big bang comes from the observed proportions of light chemical elements (such as ... the observed anisotropies in the CMB radiation support a big bang model that includes an inflationary period and is ... Only then, when the temperature dropped below a few thousand degrees, did electrons slow down enough to beanbsp;...

Title:In Quest of the Universe
Author:Theo Koupelis
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2012-12-01


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