In Search of Deep Time

In Search of Deep Time

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Cladisticsa€”the science of comparisona€”is transforming the way paleontologists view evolution. In Search of Deep Time strips away conventional assumptions about the evolution of life to reveal a world that may be far stranger and more humbling than had been previously imagined. The concept of deep time was first used by John McPhee to describe intervals of time incomprehensibly greater than our daily experience. Henry Gee explains the rise of cladistics as the best technique for making sense of the organic changes that unfold within deep time.Since its introduction in the eighteenth century, the grey squirrel has become a familiar parkland pest, whereas the red squirrel is ... The result is that, over time, a patch of ground inhabited by grey squirrels will become more crowded than an equivalent area patronized by red squirrels. ... The reality now is that we are alone, and though language gives us a thin veneer, it is responsible for so much that weanbsp;...

Title:In Search of Deep Time
Author:Henry Gee
Publisher:Cornell University Press - 1999


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