In Search of Real UFOs

In Search of Real UFOs

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The book presents a serious approach to the UFO phenomenon, from a scientific standpoint, looking for a new way to solve the mystery. The book begins by presenting the main characteristics of UFO phenomena. It then discusses Orbs and Rods, provides scientific explanations to widely reported UFO cases, a deep analysis of abductions, and an extensive consideration to the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis. It includes a review of the famous Socorro, NM incident, followed by an interview with Dr. Jill Tarter (SETI). Dr. Massimo Teodorani, an Italian astrophysicist, contributes a report about the Hessdalen Lights as well as his his fully loaded scientific paper on qPhysics from the UFO Dataq. The book concludes with a retrospective and prospectivelook at Ufology, and a proposal for a new approach to the study of UFOs. A must read for anyone seriously interested in UFOs.As many other things that nowadays abound in YouTube and other Internet places, Rods have taken its place ... Of course these kind of things can not afford a serious and technical analysis that allows to discover and reveal their true nature.

Title:In Search of Real UFOs
Author:Milton Hourcade
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-08-31


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