In Search of the Unitive Vision

In Search of the Unitive Vision

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qIf you want to pursue in a Western way the path that we follow here at Mirtola, you need to study and work with the Gurdjieffianteaching.qThus did the guru Madhava Ashish, at their first meeting, invite American businessman Sy Ginsburg on a spiritual journey that would last 19 years (until the guru's death) and include both annual visits to Sri Madhava Ashish's Mirtola ashram, near Almora, in India's Himalayan foothills, and a lengthy correspondence. Along the way, the entrepreneur/author would not only be caught up in the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff, but also in the search for the elusive unitive vision-the world viewed from the perspective of the greater Self and not the personality.In this remarkable spiritual document, the reader shares the search, increasingly catching glimpses of the unitive vision as the book draws toward a close that is also an opening out, into the vaster dimensions of the human mind. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Encounter at Mirtola: Sathya Sai Baba. An atheist in Chicago. H.P. Blavatsky. Stanzas of Dzyan. At the Mirtola ashram. Madhava Ashish. G. I. Gurdjieff. Krishna Prem. Yashoda Mai.2. The Self and a Saints' Gallery: Initiation into Yoga. The Self. Esoteric dream work. Nisarga Datta. Sathya Sai Baba. In Search of the Miraculous. G.I. Gurdjieff. Meetings with Remarkable Men. In search of the secret Sarmoung Brotherhood. Madhava Ashish and ecology in the hills. The soul ofIndia. Seminar. Raj and Romesh Thapar.3. Esoteric Dreams and Awakenings: Esoteric dream work guidelines. Gurdjieff's states of consciousness. Self-remembering. The Four Ways. A day in the life of the Mirtola ashram.4. The Unimportance of Being Seymour: Gurdjieff groups. Observation andverification. Secrecy and hierarchies in groups. Difficulties of the Work and going inward. G group vs. dream work. Pitfalls of reading. The Self is not Sy. Further doubts.5. The Value of Uncertainty by Sri Madhava Ashish 6. The Reflected Glory of Objective Consciousness: Meeting Jeanne de Salzmann. Hierarchies in the groups. Objective consciousness. Lizelle Reymond. Krishnamurti. A meeting of Selves. Pamela Travers.7. Soul Farmer of the Everglades: Pros and cons of rural living. Founding a semi-rural Work center. Constructive imagination. Teaching. Gurdjieffian friction. First, second and third lines of work. Self-observation. qStopq exercises. Gurdjieff Movements. More doubts. Advantages of group Work. Speaking in the present. On G group vs. dream work.8. Masters Within and Without: Theosophical roots of Mirtola. Hierarchy of Masters. Secret Sarmoung Brotherhood. Masters within. Esoteric centers. qGuardians of the truth.q Contacting the essence of Gurdjieff. Djwhal Khul. The sun as logos. Recognizing the Master.9. The Uninitiated: Dr. Chakravarti on initiation. Mild rebuffs from Ashish. Ashish gives me an amulet. On reincarnation. Instruction manual for self-initiation. Experiments in living at Mirtola. Raj and Romesh Thapar.10. The Guru as Exemplar of and Guide to the Term of Human Evolution by Sri Madhava Ashish 11. Pastor: Meetings with a Remarkable Channeled Entity: Charlaine, channel. Carl. Varying natures of channeled entities. Pitfalls of channeling. On reincarnation. Brian Weiss's Many Lives, Many Masters. With Nick T. in Geneva: Pastor on Gurdjieff's stature, past lives and on calling Gurdjieff.2. Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson: Gurdjieff's sci-fi space opera/allegory.Beelzebub on Mars. G's expanded organs of perception. Resemblances to Blake's poetry. An esoteric vision of man's fall. Finnegan's Wake. qBurying the dog.q Birth of the moon and its feeding by mankind. Pastor onGurdjieff's astral planes. Analogies to Loosh and UFOs.13. Matters of Life and Death: On meditation. What is Gurdjieff's teaching? G's car accident. Future of the G. Work and the Theosophical Society. On death: The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Carl Jung's near-death experience. Metanoia. Putting oneself in another's position.14. A Return to Intelligent Inquiry by Sri Madhava Ashish 15. What Can Be Taught by Sri Madhava Ashish 16. The Passing of a Great Soul: Illness of Ashish. Growing discord in India. Deepening of Ashish's teachings. Ashish and Prem on reincarnation. Passing of Ashish. Comet in the skies.A Short Compendium: Ancestor Worship. Consciousness. A Course in Miracles. Diet. Entities, Alien and Other. Guidance, Spirit. Kailash, Mount. Nature Images. Nothingness, Bare. Psychological Aspects. Ramana Maharshi. Ritual Magic. Sex on the Path. Teacher.APPENDIX: Masters Works Cited/Bibliography About the Authors Index ABOUT THE AUTHORSSri Madhava Ashish was born Alexander Phipps, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1920, graduating from Chelsea's College of Aeronautical Engineering. He served in India during World War Two as a Spitfire engine repairman, meeting the guru Krishna Prem during a visitto Almora in 1946. He immediately adopted Sri Krishna Prem as his teacher, and, at the death of the guru in 1965, took over the direction of the Mirtola ashram. By the time of his death in 1997, he had written extensively on spiritual subjects and on farming reforms in northern India, in thelatter taking a very active part.Seymour B. Ginsburg was born in Chicago, IL, in 1934, and graduated from Northwestern University with degrees in accountancy and law. A founder of the predecessor business and the first president of Toys R Us, he was for many years involved in commodities trading. He met Sri Madhava Ashish while on a private visit to India in 1978. He was a co-founder of the Gurdjieff Institute of Florida, and currently divides his time between South Florida and the Chicago area.H.P. Blavatsky. Stanzas of Dzyan. At the Mirtola ashram. Madhava Ashish. G. I. Gurdjieff. Krishna Prem. Yashoda Mai.2. The Self and a Saintsa#39; Gallery: Initiation into Yoga. The Self. Esoteric dream work. Nisarga Datta. Sathya Sai Baba.

Title:In Search of the Unitive Vision
Author:Madhava Ashish
Publisher:New Paradigm Books - 2001


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