In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love

In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love

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The Age of Aquarius has dawned upon man. This book is a testament of the new age to herald the Arc of the Covenant -- The Dream. This is the Promised Land. It is the Law written in the heart of man. We were meant to awaken to a greater multi-dimensional awareness in which our spirit is free. It is a known fact that everyone dreams every night. How can one then awaken without a dream? The process of awakening begins with a dream. The revelation of our true potential has been staring us in the face night after night and we have dismissed it as idle ramblings of the mind. For me, the process began with a series of precognitive dreams culminating in a miracle wheat penny that would set me firmly on the path of illumination guided by my dreams; my inner voice. As external confirmation, the universe in synchronous fashion placed pennies on my path at precisely the right place and time to coincide with the magical qah haq experiences that come from working with dreams. Here is how it happened to me.There are twin sisters appearing in the show, who are the most beautiful of all the models. There are subtle ... They model different outfits on the runway. Everyone came here today to specifically see these two models. One of the ... In between wardrobe changes and without makeup, I notice the twin girls look quite average.

Title:In the Course of a Dream Emanuel for Love
Author:Ruben Bailey - 2007-07


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