In the Loop of Earth and Sky

In the Loop of Earth and Sky

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Presence is revealed as we enter both outer and inner terrains of a seasonal, personal and spiritual journey. The reflections in this volume make it possible for readers to inhabit the earth, their worlds, their bodies, and their relationships differently. The authora€™s words create layers of connection, so that readers can view their own lives and a slice of the human story through an evocative and heartfelt lens.Snow tumbles earthward from overflowing clouds: billions of unique snowflakes filling the air. This uniqueness evolves ... As a child, I loved folding white paper squares in half; once, twice, and more, my fingers feeling the paper thicken. With scissors, I would clip ... Perfection eclipsed play. Instruction replaced imagination.

Title:In the Loop of Earth and Sky
Author:Susan Richane
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-05-22


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