In the Shadow of Sharpeville

In the Shadow of Sharpeville

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2009 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Crime in most urban areas has been falling since 1991. While the decline has been well-documented, few scholars have analyzed which groups have most benefited from the crime decline and which are still on the frontlines of violencea€”and why that might be. In Unequal Crime Decline, Karen F. Parker presents a structural and theoretical analysis of the various factors that affect the crime decline, looking particularly at the past three decades and the shifts that have taken place, and offers original insight into which trends have declined and why. Taking into account such indicators as employment, labor market opportunities, skill levels, housing, changes in racial composition, family structure, and drug trafficking, Parker provides statistics that illustrate how these factors do or do not affect urban violence, and carefully considers these factors in relation to various crime trends, such as rates involving blacks, whites, but also trends among black males, white females, as well as others. Throughout the book she discusses popular structural theories of crime and their limitations, in the end concentrating on todaya€™s issues and important contemporary policy to be considered. Unequal Crime Decline is a comprehensive and theoretically sophisticated look at the relationship among race, urban inequality, and violence in the years leading up to and following Americaa€™s landmark crime drop.Robbed of wealth, the concerns of blacks became as marginal to the development of the legal system as those of the poor ... mining company De Beers had built a gaol to house local prisoners who were then made to work down its diamond mines. ... each black prisoner an average of R4 1 .47 a year in 1936, about 60 per cent of the wage of non-convict Africans.6 By ... The cost of hiring a black prisoner was between half and two thirds that of other black labour, with the result that theanbsp;...

Title:In the Shadow of Sharpeville
Author:Peter Parker, Joyce Mokhesi-Parker
Publisher:NYU Press - 1998-06-01


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