In the Sun

In the Sun

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It is a new millennium, and the United States is at war with Russia. Josh Saunders has just received the surprise of his lifea€”his girlfriend Yuko is pregnant. But Josh and Yuko both know he lives for the battle that continues to rage outside his Texas home. Now he must somehow balance his new family responsibilities with his duty to his country. But for now, the sounds of war have quieted, and Josh busies himself helping his friends, Elliot and Kaliegh, prepare for their weddinga€”unaware that the Russian army is steadily advancing toward Texas to seize the oil and gas refineries along the coast. As Josh and his group struggle with the troubles that war leaves in its wake, only Josha€™s Russian comrade, Akbashev, is aware of the incredible capabilities of the Russian army. As Josh continues to fight a war that seems unending, every part of him wants to give up, but he is determined not to live in a country controlled by the Russians. Unfortunately, time is running out. In this modern military thriller, a Russian soldier must decide whether to leave and betray his American friend or stay with him to fight for the freedom of a nation he has grown to love.It was loud, but she could also hear something else that seemed like a background noise . . . someone was shouting. ... She could see some light when she attempted to open her eyes entirely, but she was unable to open them past the crack shea#39;d first discovered. ... walked over to the window quietly, hoping for at least a refreshing breeze, but everything was deathly still and he received no such relief.

Title:In the Sun
Author:Joshua Patrick
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-21


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