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When in the great wheel of evolution of this Universe another turnaround has to be given, when some new form, new type of life is coming forth, then the Supreme reveals Himself, embodying the type which He seeks to initiate in His Cosmos. Time and Time again, He has incarnated to give that much required push for human beings to go to the next step in their evolution. a€œIn her latest book, Incarnations: Steps for Momentum in Human Evolutio, Saraswati Raman has nicely interwoven Shri Mataji Nirmala Devia€™s clarifications on the occasion of several pujas on the meaning of various Avataras, together with the incidents in the lives of the great Avataras. She has brought home, in a lucid manner, how the human evolution has been actualized in the form of incarnations taken by the supreme being. I wish her all the best for this beautiful book.a€ a€”Mrs. Chandrika Nair, MA, Dip. Ed., M.Ed., retired principalThere have beenone hundred andeight major Incarnations ofthe Goddess Durgato save seekersfrom theevil of satanicforces. Many were killed by Durga, the ferocious Avatar of Adi Shakti, and some were cursed to remain as lower animalsin hell. Hellhas seven ... Mahesha (Shiva), Vishnu and Brahmadeva form the trinity who incarnated as one teacher God, the Primordial Master (Dattatraya). He cameanbsp;...

Author:Saraswati Raman
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-11-14


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