Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health and Safety

Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health and Safety

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In all workplaces the health and safety of employees is closely linked with the company's profitability. Human resource strategies for improving the health and safety of people in the workplace do not necessarily cost money - in fact they usually save money. A practical book based on the authors' combined consultancy experience, Increasing Productivity and Profit Through Health and Safety shows readers how they can use ergonomics to make money for their organizations. Richly illustrated with a range of case studies drawn from heavy industry, retail sales, hospitals, hotels, and call centers, the book outlines universal concepts that can be used in any workplace. Included with the book is a CD-ROM that contains a simple but sophisticated working cost-benefit analysis model. This model enables readers to input their own data, which will help them make the case for implementing workplace health, safety, and ergonomics programs. For the non-expert there is a chapter that explains economics concepts and models using 'non-economics' language. Human resource personnel, physicians, safety and risk management specialists, trainers, and ergonomists as well as business managers and engineers will find this book to be a powerful support tool for developing and implementing workplace improvements.2.3 Predicting the future Economic predictions, forecasts, are used to help enterprises plan for their future. ... You may well ask: how can economists take into account everything that happens in an economy to make accurate predictions? ... These assumptions are in turn incorporated into computer- modelled economic a#39;experimentsa#39;, the results of which are necessarily imprecise; hence economics is ananbsp;...

Title:Increasing Productivity and Profit through Health and Safety
Author:Maurice Oxenburgh, Penelope S.P. Marlow, Andrew Oxenburgh
Publisher:CRC Press - 2004-01-23


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