India 2039

India 2039

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This book paints a bold and inspiring scenario of India becoming an affluent society by 2039, that is, within a generation from now. It makes a persuasive case as to why such a scenario could be plausible. Even more importantly, the book very appropriately and frankly assess the many hurdles a€“ political, social, policy and institutional a€“ that the country must overcome to realize this vision and lift millions of Indians from relative poverty today to enjoy the fruits of a modern and inclusive affluent society within 30 years or so. Its agenda of inter-generational issues is central to India avoiding the middle income trap that so many other countries have fallen into. However, India can successfully tackle this trap only by addressing, and addressing urgently and head on, the various facets of governance highlighted in the book. Features unique to this study - unlike other vertical studies that treat a topic in depth but on its own, this book tries to connect the dots between the key issues that could decide the future of Indian society - it has a longer 30-year perspective, with a corresponding emphasis on challenges that require long gestation to address - it offers a projection not of what will be but of what Indiaa€™s potential is.... but Indian agencies still have a long way to go to replace their manual registers with computer-based systems . ... utility bill payments and arrears, land use change proceedings, school admissions and ration card use are some priority areas. ... in the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, lndia enacted the Right to lnformation Act in 2005. ... life or liberty the authority is obliged to deliver the relevant information within 48 hours. lndiaa#39;s legislation incorporates theanbsp;...

Title:India 2039
Author:Harinder S. Kohli, Anil Sood
Publisher:Sage Publications Pvt. Limited - 2010-02-04


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