Indian Breads

Indian Breads

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No other landmass in the world contains so many discrete regions, disparate cultures and languages that so little resemble each other. It stands to reason, therefore that this multicoloured subcontinent has thrown up cuisines of countless kinds. Since the staple of all our meals is bread of a kind, the kinds of bread on our tables a€” with a little creative help from our friendly invaders a€” easily rivals that number. Using different grains a€” millet, ragi, wheat, barley a€” and different stuffinga€™s a€” cheese, potato, chicken, mutton a€” you can do a number of things with Indian breads that a conjuror would find it hard to replicate. In this wonderfully, comprehensive book, nutritionist and author of several cookbooks Padma Vijay compiles a number of traditional and innovative recipes for Indian breads from across the country to bring an incredible variety of flavours to our plates. With health tips, possible modifications, as well as recipes for dishes served as accompaniments, Indian Breads is a must-have cookbook for every kitchen.Seafood Flatbreads: Flatbreads stuffed with seafood, such as chemmeen paratha and meen pathiri are popular in Kerala. Fish curry is also added to rice flour dough to make meen orotti in Kerala. Chicken Flatbreads: Baida rotis stuffed with anbsp;...

Title:Indian Breads
Author:G.Padma Vijay
Publisher:Westland - 2015-09-25


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