Indiana Bird Watching

Indiana Bird Watching

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There are no state-specific books on how to appreciate birds and learn more about them. Like gardening, bird watching is a regional hobby, and the birds that frequent the backyards of Missouri differ from the birds found in Michigan. This series targets beginning and intermediate bird watchers from each Midwestern state. The books are state-specific and highlight the birds that are found in each state. In addition to the profile, each bird entry includes a map to identity the specific range covered by the bird. 100 birds are presented via full-color photographs for accurate identification. Full-color seasonal section informs the reader of: the migrating birds that can be seen that month, the foods that attract those birds, the plants that can assist in attracting birds. Our partner, Bird Watcher's Digest, has sold more than 4 million copies of their booklets on bird varieties, bird habitat, feeding, and related outdoor topics.How to Build a Simple Birdhouse How to Build a. Q Can l use molasses or honey instead of a€c sugar to make my hummingbird nectar? A No. White table sugar is the only human- a–i made sweetener that, when mixed with the right amount ofanbsp;...

Title:Indiana Bird Watching
Publisher:Thomas Nelson - 2005-03-22


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