Industrial Agents

Industrial Agents

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Industrial Agents explains how multi-agent systems improve collaborative networks to offer dynamic service changes, customization, improved quality and reliability, and flexible infrastructure. Learn how these platforms can offer distributed intelligent management and control functions with communication, cooperation and synchronization capabilities, and also provide for the behavior specifications of the smart components of the system. The book offers not only an introduction to industrial agents, but also clarifies and positions the vision, on-going efforts, example applications, assessment and roadmap applicable to multiple industries. This edited work is guided and co-authored by leaders of the IEEE Technical Committee on Industrial Agents who represent both academic and industry perspectives and share the latest research along with their hands-on experiences prototyping and deploying industrial agents in industrial scenarios. Learn how new scientific approaches and technologies aggregate resources such next generation intelligent systems, manual workplaces and information and material flow system Gain insight from experts presenting the latest academic and industry research on multi-agent systems Explore multiple case studies and example applications showing industrial agents in a variety of scenarios Understand implementations across the enterprise, from low-level control systems to autonomous and collaborative management unitsAs a result, the schedule can be formed as a kind of requirement-driven network of operations that can be easily adapted by events in real time (Skobelev and Vittikh, 2003, 2009). ... and a worker as factory resources, but the same equipment can generate a new demand on regular maintenance or special repairmen. ... decide which proposal is most appropriate, and vice versa, because DSN agents have conflicting interests and operate in the VM according to their economic reasons.

Title:Industrial Agents
Author:Paulo Leitão, Stamatis Karnouskos
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2015-03-13


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