Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology

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Industrial biotechnology can be defined as the use of modern biological life sciences in process of industries. For example, industrial biotechnology has applications in a number of markets that affect our daily lives: in chemicals; in food processing; and in textiles just to name a few. Additionally, industrial biotechnology may not only help with better processing of materials, but it may also play an important role on reducing emissions and increasing efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Industrial biotechnology is transforming many of the world s industrial operations. The promise of industrial biotechnology has always been to reduce or replace the use of fossil energy and hydrocarbon-based materials with renewable, plant-based resources and naturally occurring microbes to produce more cost-effective and environmental-friendly materials for textiles, fuels, chemicals, pollution prevention and even human pharmaceuticals. Designed for students and practitioners of biotechnology and related fields, this book describes the potential applications of biotechnology in the industrial sector. This unique and up-to-date resource offering readers an innovative and valuable presentation of the subject.Early man learned to carry his water, beer and milk in natural containers like animal stomachs, bladders and lengths of ... The stomach of young cattle contains an enzyme, rennin, that cleaves the casein protein of milk making it easier to curdleanbsp;...

Title:Industrial Biotechnology
Author:Varun Shastri
Publisher:Gyan Publishing House - 2006-01-01


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