Infallible - A Papal Fantasy

Infallible - A Papal Fantasy

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During the reign of Pope John Paul II, relations between gays and the Catholic Church have hit an all time low. Infallible - A Papal Fantasy is a rollicking speculation on what might happen if a Pope were to decide to use his a€˜infalliblea€™ authority to advance, instead of hindering, the cause of gay rights. qInfallibleq mixes romance, sex, and murder with the Byzantine machinations of Vatican politics, as the newly elected Pope Patrick I is sent on a spiritual journey where he is subjected to the trials, tribulations and triumphs of gay life. Convinced that he has experienced a real epiphany, Patrick must now, using all of his substantial Papal powers, find a way to peacefully achieve Goda€™s grand design. Faced with unrelenting opposition from within his own Vatican hierarchy, the Pope enlists the help of two young men: Randy Feigal - an AIDs activist and long-time political adversary from his hometown Boston, and Alberto Camello - a young Swiss Guardsman whoa€™s just beginning to question his own sexuality. The sides are drawn. Will the forces of traditional dogma win the day? Or will Patrick and his friends at last find a way to wrench the Catholic Church into the Twenty-first Century?Mario and watched the silent tears rolling down the poor, confused mana#39;s cheeks. a€œListen to me ... Do you hear me?a€ Mario looked, if ... a€œDamn you, a€ Manzoni hissed under his breath as he threw himself back down in his chair. Patrick turned hisanbsp;...

Title:Infallible - A Papal Fantasy
Author:William Mott
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001


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